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If you are interested in learning more about our available whippets, please contact us with a brief message about yourself and what you are looking for. If you are interested in our current litter, please fill out our Whippet Application by clicking on the button below.


If we have nothing available, we would be happy to point you in the direction of a reputable breeder near you. While our response may not be immediate, we will try to get back with you as soon as possible.


We want our whippet to be a much-loved member of your family. All families are different, as are whippets. Certain personality traits might be a joy for one family, but a nightmare for another. Your answers below will help us understand your individual situation. Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like. We're happy to provide references upon request.

**Please note, a securely fenced yard is required to own one of our puppies.**

Contact us by email here, but please make sure to complete our application if you are interested in one of our dogs!

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